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30 Nov


cute heel!

29 Nov


The Fam Outfits <3 (Lyn’nya, Jasmine and Taylor)

27 Nov
The Fam Outfits &lt;3 (Lyn'nya, Jasmine and Taylor)

The Fam Outfits <3 (Lyn’nya, Jasmine and Taylor)

27 Nov
The Fam Outfits &lt;3 (Lyn'nya, Jasmine and Taylor)

Victoria s Secret zip up hoodie
$80 –

T shirt
$15 –

MOTHER low rise skinny jeans
€259 –

Ksubi low rise jeans
$119 –

$20 –

Hot shorts
£35 –

Nike high top shoes
$75 –

Adidas blue shoes
£57 –

Converse lace up shoes
£51 –

Sydney Evan pendant necklace
$1,035 –

Cat necklace
$40 –

£22 –

MB Concert Outfit (Pebbles, Jazz and Rico)

25 Nov
MB Concert Outfit (Pebbles, Jazz and Rico)

Dolce Gabbana rose print dress
£1,100 –

Halter evening dress
$30 –

Wet Seal denim jean jacket
$33 –

Current/Elliott zipper jeans
£141 –

Balenciaga denim skinny jeans
£204 –

Akira fishnet hosiery
$15 –

ALDO leather wedge boots
$200 –

Anne Michelle pointy toe shoes
$28 –

Black hair accessory
€4,05 –

$20 –

Nike 6.0 Dunk Hi Top Sneaker
$80 –

Full Straight Wigs|SC-60A-2|cyperous
¥6,900 –

Splendid Girl Girl’S Hooded Terry Jacket
$75 –

Black Girl’s Guide To Thanksgiving

22 Nov

So, it’s that time of the year again: THANKSGIVING!                                                     What more can you be thankful for? I mean seriously, good turkey, pies…mmm! Now that I think about it, there is ONE thing that is your enemy: fatty foods. Lord knows you can’t rock your own style  and look good with bloat from fatty foods. So today, I’ll be your angel and tell you how to substitute some stuff for the goods and be able to be the only one of your friends not insanely stuffed next week.


1) SKIP IT: Candied Sweet Potatoes                                                                                        PICK IT: Mashed Potatoes with Gravy                                                                              WHY:I know in a Black family firsthand that escaping a classic isn’t easy, but mashed potatoes are still a somewhat healthy classic. Sweet potatoes may be rich in vitamins and stuff, but they’re usually prepared i